MILEY Cyrus’ recent Video Music Awards (VMA) stunt took the social media by storm as the Canadian singer-actress drew flak over her raunchy and inappropriate dancing called “twerking” on stage.

This image of her seems to be far from the innocent Disney girl “Hannah Montanna” her fans looked up to. As she grew up, she slowly departed from her “nice girl” image. Proof of that was five years ago when photos of her posing for the camera with just a green bra on circulated online.

But her latest stunt earned Miley labels ranging from crazy to disturbed.

Meanwhile, many people still came to her defense, saying she was just “growing up” and had the right to do things as she pleased.

More shockingly, Miley’s antics seem to be being countenanced by her own parents who believe they are merely natural.

In fact, Miley’s dad, who’s a celebrity himself, even supported her daughter’s racy performance at the VMA’s, saying he would have done the same thing had he been at his daughter’s age.

The issue I would like to point out in this writing is that as a world-recognized celebrity, Miley is not free to do whatever she wills, contrary to what she may or her defenders think, considering that many of her fans include minors.

Whether she likes it or not, celebrities like her are public figures who hold great influence over a large number of people.

But nowadays, it seems that people do not value good morals anymore, especially with what they see and share on different forms of media. It is not an unusual sight to see children as young as 12 years old on chat rooms, or is posting of inappropriate content on sites such as Facebook frowned upon anymore.

Postmodern circus

With a push of a button, people are exposed to so many subjects on the information superhighway. But it is a tragedy that subjects such as sex and vices are becoming household terms rather than taboos, thanks to modern culture.

Numerous photos are uploaded on the Internet with a single click, sans neither reservation nor concern that these results could be viewed by anyone from adults to young children.

The world is ever changing, and so does our culture, but it is a sad fact that explicit sexual references and twisted morals are becoming norms in society.

People today seem to be more willing to expose all of their being without reservation, and it is saddening that they do not uphold the ideals and value of privacy anymore. Everything has to be shared through every tweet they send, every status they post and every image they upload.

I just hope that someday people realize that while we live in an ever-changing world, some things are better off staying preserved. And these include self-respect, decency and moral standards.


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