THE UST Health Service and the Simbahayan-Community Development Office gave free hearing aids to the deaf and mute at the Seminary Gym last Dec. 10 to 12, with international singing star Jessica Sanchez spearheading the charity work.

More than 2,000 patients received free hearing aids during the three-day medical mission, according to Dr. Maria Salve Olalia, director of the UST Health Service.

The medical mission was conducted in cooperation with the US-based Starkey Hearing Foundation and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. The group has also provided hearing aids to more than 2,000 patients in Batangas and Sarangani provinces.

The American Idol Season 11 runner-up helped fit hearing aids to patients.

Sanchez, whose mother is a Filipina, said she might be able to go to her mother’s hometown in Bataan and provide more help to deaf and mute children.

“Anywhere in the Philippines, I would love to come back and help again,” she told the Varsitarian in a chance interview.

Meanwhile, Dr. Robert Ang, an alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine who played a key role in bringing the Starkey Hearing Foundation to the Philippines, said the medical mission not only brings hearing to the deaf and mute, but also gives them the opportunity to lead normal lives.

“Just give them the opportunity to hear, they soar. Nothing will stop them,” Ang said.

He also recounted the difficulties in bringing together the deaf and mute from the communities who were embarrassed of their condition.

“People who have deaf and mute children, especially those who are not well-educated, think they’re dumb because they think they can’t communicate. What’s really hard is they could not play with children of their own age,” he said.

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The Starkey Hearing Foundation, formed by Bill Austin in 1984 “so the world may hear,” has been giving free hearing aids to the deaf and mute people in over 100 countries worldwide.

“[We are] driven by the concept that we’re one world and we’re one human family. If we help each other, we realize our humanity and we could have a better world in the future for our children and our grandchildren,” Austin said.


  1. hi,i am geraldien rafuela, 29yrs old,a mother have 2sons. at my age now i am still suffering a hearing loss, i am trying to understand and heared everything but the more i socialize with other people i felt nothing and disappointed..everyday and night i cried i want to have a normal hearing for my two sons..i cant afford to buy cause i dont have a work my husband no permanent job..i am still hoping that one day i could have hearing aid please i need to continue my life..please help me my ear now is not feeling it really hurts to touch..i dont know whta to do..
    thank you.

  2. Pwede po ba makahingi ng schedule kung kelan kami pwede punta dyan sa UST inirefer po kayo sa akin sa UNTV na namimigay po kayo ng libreng hearing aid mother ko kasi basag na ear drum nya 64yrs old


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