Nov. 7, 2014, 6:02 p.m. – POPE Francis will not be the
star of the papal visit but Jesus Christ, Michaelangelo Lobrin, inspirational
speaker and best-selling author, stressed during the spiritual gathering titled
“A Nation of Mercy and Compassion” yesterday at the Santisimo Rosario Parish
Church in UST.

Bringing his comedic chops to the one-day event organized by
the UST Theological Society, Lobrin said the apostolic visit of Pope Francis
would be a “chance to see Christ,” which must be the main source of
excitement for the faithful.

“The Pope is not the big star, the big star is Jesus Christ.
Once the Pope comes and you do not see Jesus in him, the papal visit will not
be successful. It is the Pope himself who asked for his visit to be simple and
pastoral,” Lobrin said in his talk.

Lobrin emphasized that the theme for the papal visit, “mercy
and compassion,” is not a new concept evoked because of Pope Francis’ upcoming

“Mercy and compassion, these are not new to us. The fact
that you are alive is already an example of God’s mercy and compassion. The
fact that we are blessed even though we are unworthy is an act of mercy on His
part,” Lobrin said.

Lobrin urged the faithful to instead draw inspiration from
Pope Francis’ example of mercy and compassion that is rooted in humility.

“Pope Francis teaches us the act of humility. We have to
understand that all our life, our success or riches, are just gifts from God
and are temporary. God has allowed us to gain these things out of mercy and
compassion,” Lobrin said. Danielle Ann F. Gabriel


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