June 10, 2015, 3:14 p.m. – TWO THOMASIAN researchers
were included in the Top 150 scientists in the Philippines based on their
respective Google Scholar (GS) Citation Profiles.

John Donnie Ramos (photo on the left), dean of the UST College of Science, and
Rey Donne Papa (photo on the right), of the Research Center for Natural and Applied Sciences
(RCNAS), placed 59th and 120th, respectively in the country’s list of the most
outstanding and renowned scientists from different universities and government

“I felt surprised and elated to [be] included in this elite
list of Philippine scientists. My inclusion in the list is just validation of
the quality research we do at the Research Center for the Natural and Applied
Sciences and that our research is not only of national standards but can
compete with international benchmarks,” Ramos said in an email to the Varsitarian.

Ramos, who is working on allergy research to unravel the
development of allergy diseases among Filipinos, nagged the 59th spot with 262

Papa, who got the 120th spot with 68 citations, said there
should be more Thomasian scientists in the list.

“I was happy that I was the only one on the list that worked
on freshwater biology and zooplankton, but I was sad because from UST, only
myself and Dr. Ramos made the list,” he said. “There are certainly other
Thomasian researchers that should be on the list here with us.”

The list was composed of the Top 150 GS profiles of
researchers who declared their works in the GS database. Data collected were
then ranked by h-index, a tool that measures the efficiency and citation
bearing of a published research work. The researchers on the list did not
submit any documents for the ranking and. The choices were based on the content
of their GS profiles.

UST opens 'spineless collection' exhibit to the public

The ranking was funded by Academic Careers Understood
through Measurement and Norms of the European Commission. M. R. P. Mallari


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