GRADUATION is over so what happens now?

According to Rem Serrano, a talent acquisition associate at Hinduja Global Solutions, one of the first things fresh graduates need to do is be on the lookout for career opportunities on job portals such as Jobstreet, Kalibrr and JobsDB.

“Job portals also help you filter out the openings of numerous companies depending on your preference like proximity, expected salary and how the skills that are required matches your certain set of skills,” he said.

Monica De Leon, one of the guidance counselors of the College of Commerce and Business Administration, urged fresh graduates to prepare themselves not only physically, but also holistically for the job hunting.

“In line with looking for potential employers, [you have] to do research about the company you are applying for,” she said. “Study the company’s background, its culture and what it’s known for. Be prepared because job hunting itself is hard work—you devote so much time and energy for it.”

Aside from preparing the job hunting vitals, Theresa Bruno, another guidance counselor from the aforementioned college, said that job hunting is also the time to for the fresh graduates to practice their management skills in more ways than one.

The guidance counselors also mentioned that it is important to apply for the essential paper works needed as job requirements.

“Some companies require transcript of records, clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation, diploma, birth certificate, certification of good moral character and other certificates of relevant trainings and seminars,” De Leon said. “Do not write anything not backed up with documents in your resume.”

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Bruno also cautioned graduates not to concentrate on the amount of salary as a deciding factor in accepting a job, but instead bank on experience.

“Most graduates are picky when it comes to salary which for me is wrong because their main goal is to good experience and learning all the traits,” she said. Jelina Anne S. Bunagan and Mone Virma Ginry P. Gumapac


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