PERHAPS because I am only 20, I have always convinced myself that I have no regrets. But during the annual tribute night to outgoing staffers and editors in the recent Varsitarian summer staff development, the outgoing Filipino editor remarked that we would not be able to appreciate how much we might have missed out or neglected things if our membership in the publication were forever. The limits of temporality should bring to the fore the significance of things; they make us value what we have done and regret our sins of commission and omission.

After being part of the Varsitarian for three summers and two academic years, I regret the things I failed to do in the last six months of my stay.

I wish I had talked to my juniors more. I wish I had been more hands-on with in correcting their copies. I wish I had spent more time with them. I wish I had made the effort to be closer to them.

When I enrolled in UST, I had wanted to try out for the Taekwondo team to avail myself of an athlete’s scholarship. Journalism was not my first choice, and I had thought the Varsitarian referred to the varsity team. Silly me.

But after two years of dilly-dallying, I failed to apply for a scholarship and finding myself stuck with AB Journalism, I applied for the Varsitarian on the advice of Gelyn Simon, the managing editor, and with luck, even though I barely passed the qualifying exams, got admitted and became a Sports section writer. With the patience of Carla Perez and the rivalry with Paul Lintag, I became a good sports writer.

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Without the following people, I would not be where I am now.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for not giving up on me. Thank you for allowing me to finish my education in the University.

To JanB and Patricia, thank you for your understanding. I would not know half of what I know about writing now if it were not for you. To Bong, Sherwin, Jaime, JT, Hirro, Robin and Jilson, thank you all for being the kuya that I never had.

To Gelyn, Gena and Sarah, thank you for the opportunity of working with you, and for facing tough challenges together. To Paul, Ar-ar and Alex, thank you for smoothening out my rough edges.

To Paeng and Enzo, thank you for making my job easier. The position, to me, always seemed to be like that of the Avatar.

To Poy, Andre, Bien, MC and Paul, thank you for the night-outs. To Gelyn, Batchie, April, Danielle, Dayan, Em, thank you for leading us, joining us, and eventually, leaving ‘V’ with us.

To Ely, Jica, Ced, JD and Bianca, thanks for making me realize your lot are not all work and no fun. To Mara, Nikka, Elora, Bernadette, Ricci, Nigel and the rest of the “Bodoni” family, thank you for adopting me.

To Gena, Jelle, Keno, Jelina, Mone, and Naz, it was good while it lasted. I know I can speak for the group when I say that we will still be there for Ally, Angeli, Bien, Josef and Marie. To Yuji, Celton, Tristan and Jenzine, thank you for being strong for us. You were our pillars when we were at our weakest.

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To Juju, Simang, Gabby, Pip, JJ, Red and Jonx, my first summer in Varsi would have been dull if you were not there to welcome us and inspire us to live out our potential.

To Angeli, Arianne, Robert, Daryl, Gillan, Danielle, Marie, Mako, Ally, Rhenn, Ava, Eli and Delfin, make us proud. Continue pushing the limits of what ‘V’ can do and excel in. Uphold the standards of excellence. To Jerome, Grace, Kim, Ethan, Kirsten and Alvin, know that you are crucial to the continuation of the proud history of Varsi. Stay strong and hold on to one another when the times get tough.

To Chester, Iain, Randell, Carlo, Daryl, Philip, Lea, Moe, Mia, Erna, Geo and Vianx, thank you for making my last summer in ‘V’ worthwhile. With young blood like you, we are confident that the Varsi is in good hands.

To you, thank you for the constant reminders, for the food you give to me when I forget to eat, and for simply being there.

Finally, thank you, God, for everything.

Once a ‘V’ staffer, always a ‘V’ staffer.


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