Alumni office launches new website


September 30, 2015, 12:57a.m. – THE OFFICE of Alumni Relations has revamped its website to help strengthen ties with Thomasians in the Philippines and abroad.

Fides Ma. Lourdes Carlos, alumni relations director, said the office needed to be reintroduced to the Thomasian community through the Web.

“We want to reintroduce the OAR as the major arm of the [University] in unifying different generations of proud Thomasians. We would like to tell Thomasians that this new user-friendly website is where they can come, visit and know what is happening in the University even if they are not here in the Philippines,” Carlos said in an interview.

Aside from news and announcements, the new website features stories, audiovisual presentations and documentary films submitted by Thomasian alumni. Alumni may also donate to various projects facilitated by the University.

Juan Miguel Alvarez, an alumnus of the Institute of Information Technology and Computer Sciences, designed the new website, which can be accessed at



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