26 January, 2016, 9:45 am – THOMASIANS must possess a “framework of humbleness”
and follow the example of St. Thomas Aquinas, who showed humility despite his
intellectual feats.

In preparation for the feast day of the patron saint of the
University, the first of Triduum Masses focused on the practice of humility and
discarding narcissism as part of one’s obligation to be a Christian missionary.

Fr. Rodel Aligan, O.P., professor at the Faculty of Sacred
Theology, said success is felt more when people keep both feet on the ground, just
like St. Thomas.

“Kung meron ng social media noon, pinost na ng mga tao ang
kanilang achievement pero hindi ganoon si St. Thomas. Ginagawa niya ang kanyang
misyon para sa iba at hindi sa sarili,” Fr. Aligan said.

This year’s feast coincides with multiple Church celebrations,
and had the theme “Celebrating with St. Thomas Aquinas the Jubilee of
Mercy, the Jubilee of the Order of Preachers, and the Year of the

Fr. Aligan also stressed the importance of forgiveness as the
true sense of loving one another, and encouraged everyone to look at reality
instead of being too idealistic.

“Ang problema ay namumuhay tayo sa ideals kaya maraming hidden
mistakes. Shape the reality into something else,” he said.

The Triduum consisting of daily prayer and celebration of the
Eucharist will be held from Jan. 25-27. The feast will be celebrated on Jan.
28, during which a procession will be held on campus. Roy Abrahmn
DR. Narra


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