30 March 2016, 12:00 pm – UST’s celebrated Galo
Ocampo painting of a brown Madonna and child Jesus is on loan for a modern art
exhibit of the National Gallery of Singapore.

“Brown Madonna” will be part of “Reframing Modernism,” an
exhibit that aims to show “fresh perspectives of modern art” from
Southeast Asia and Europe. The masterpiece, which is part of UST Museum’s hall
of visual arts, will be exhibited with 200 other works, including paintings of
European masters Henri Matisse, Jean Dubuffet, Pablo Picasso, Vassily Kadinsky,
Fernand Léger and Marc Chagall.

In 2013, the UST Museum marked the centenary of Ocampo’s birth
with an exhibition titled “Mysteries and Colors: Galo Ocampo.” The museum also
houses Ocampo’s important works such as “Sagrada Familia,” the triptych of the
“Annunciation,” “Hispanidad,” “Nativity,” and “Adoration By Three Kings.”

During the 1930s, when conflicting views arose between modern
and the conservative artists, Ocampo stood by the side of the leader of the
Filipino moderns, Victorio Edades, who helped organize the University’s
architecture and fine arts program in 1930 and served as its director in 1935.

Ocampo, a UP Fine Arts alumnus, served as director of the
National Museum from 1962 to 1968.

The exhibit, in collaboration with Centre
Pompidou which houses the largest museum for modern art in Europe, will be
showcased at the Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery and will run until July
17. Daryl Angelo P. Baybado


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