“Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions, which you have been taught, whether by word of mouth or by our epistle.” (2 Thessalonians 2:15)

I WAS born to be a Catholic.

When I reached high school, I began questioning the Catholic faith. I started questioning the practices of the Catholic faith as I searched for their biblical bases. I was practically left in the dark with my questions.

For a few years, the situation remained the same. The same questions remained answered and my religious odyssey continued.

Back then, I was attracted to fundamentalism which faith is based on the Bible alone. As a result, I refused to make the sign of the cross, to kneel in front of the altar, to believe in the Virgin Mary, and to hear masses. I rejected the Catholic faith.

But all of these changed when I decided to study at UST. It started when I asked myself why so many intelligent people in the University remain to be Catholics. I met Thomasians whom I know would not let themselves be fooled by a quack Religion. They must have understood things I did not understand.

Luckily, God gave me a former seminarian, who transferred to UST, for a friend. One evening, a conversation with him totally changed my anti-Catholic stand. I asked him all my questions and he answered them all. He told me that God gave us a mind to use. He said God’s power, glory, and love are infinite that they cannot be placed in a single book. God’s message to us can be found through all his creations and neither did the Scriptures say we should follow it “alone.” The conversation changed my views totally.

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After the talk, I started to read Catholic books again, to watch Eternal Word Television Network on cable TV, and to hear sermons during the Holy Mass at the UST Chapel. Gradually, I have understood and accepted the Catholic faith.

After opening my heart and mind to the Church again, I decided to return to Her. I reflected and prayed to God to guide my decision to embrace whole-heartedly my childhood faith.

I’ve found my spiritual home. UST reconstructed my faith and became the instrument in reshaping my Catholic identity. After several years of doubting and criticizing the Church, I found myself kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament and praying for a new beginning.

With that, my religious odyssey ended, but my spiritual growth and journey inside the Church continues.

Many people do not find the answers to their questions on the Catholic faith because they do not search for them. They turn away from the Church because they don’t understand the faith.

Today, I can say I’m a real Catholic. My faith has become stronger even though I don’t fully understand it. I believe God is with me.

I found the answers to my questions because I sought them. The Catholic Church is the one, true, holy, and apostolic Church established by Jesus Christ. Catholics have a deep devotion that cannot be explained alone by reason and or by a single book, but through faith and reason.

Prayer: Lord, help me grow in my faith. You have given me the chance to appreciate Your love and glory, thus, I thank you and pray that you will make me worthy for that blessing. Amen.

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