Oct. 15 2016, 1:50 p.m. – THOMASIAN poets challenged young writers to write and recite poetry using “hugot,” or expressions with personal or emotional undertones, to address social issues.

In a poetry reading session last Oct. 14, Conservatory of Music alumnus Allan Pastrana said “hugot” could be significant in tackling social issues.

“It all boils down to the ‘hugot’ being helpful for the youth in tackling the different forms of poetry. If so, then it would be a good platform in addressing social issues,” Pastrana said.

Philosophy alumnus Michael Coroza agreed with Pastrana, noting however that poets have long used “hugot” in their works.

“Simula’t sapul naman ‘hugot’ na talaga,” he said.

“Pero hindi nangangahulugan na kung humuhugot, walang social significance,” Coroza said, citing Francisco Balagtas’ “Florante at Laura” as an example of a socially relevant work in the poetic form.

For Literature alumnus Carlomar Daoana, “hugot”-themed oral poems are advantageous in persuasion because it can easily connect with a young audience.

“There are many spoken word poetry series in the Philippines now dealing with the ‘hugot,’ and they are good for the simple reason that they put themselves forward and reveal their thoughts and emotions,” said Daoana.

“It is a valid form of expression considering the poet addresses the audience who share the same sentiments with him or her.”

The event, titled titled “Pro Mundum Contra Ignominium: A Poetry Reading,” was organized by the University of the Philippines Department of English and Comparative Literature.


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