Paskuhan pushes through despite rain


DESPITE rainy weather across the metro, thousands still flocked to UST yesterday to revel in the annual Paskuhan celebration.

According to the UST Security Office, an estimated 60,000 Thomasians and outsiders attended the second day of the University’s yuletide event.

Security chief Joseph Badinas said there were no security problems encountered this year.
To control the flow of visitors, the Security Office again implemented a strict “buddy system,” in which one visitor must be accompanied by one Thomasian. Otherwise, outsiders were not allowed to enter the campus.

The crowd enjoyed a 5-minute fireworks display after the Paskuhan concert, which was held indoors at the Quadricentennial Pavilion instead of the usual UST Grandstand due to anticipated rain.

‘Time problem’

The concert featured performances from Thomasian bands Autotelic, MilesExperience and La Luna. They were joined by other musical acts such as Jensen & the Flips, The Ransom Collective, Gracenote, Moonstar88, Hale and Yeng Constantino.

But each act was limited to only three songs due to time constraints.

“We felt offended. We prepared a special show for this event,” Gracenote vocalist Eunice Jorge said.

“To be cut that way, and I’ve seen the band who played before us (Gracenote), cut midway in a song – I think that was very disrespectful,” Moonstar88’s Maychelle Baay said.

“It was a time problem,” said Allan Hernandez, representative from the Office of Student Affairs.

This year’s Paskuhan, which had the theme “Paskong Tomasino Para Sa’yo,” was a two-day celebration. The Paskuhan Mass and Agape were held on the first day, Dec. 15.

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  1. Two points:

    1. “In the case of Gracenote, I was told that they were advised to perform just two songs.”

    “I repeatedly told my Floor Director to signal the band to stop as we are running out of time, but they would not.”

    The question would be – when Gracenote was being told to stop, was it performing a third song or was it performing its first or second song (which they were specifically informed they were allowed to do)?

    2. “What I cannot tolerate, however, are the Thomasians who reacted violently along with other people as if they are not part of THIS community.”

    Why does she presume that being part of a community somehow means blind loyalty or an absence of critique? Precisely because the members of the group are part of the organization, they should be the first to call it out when it acts contrary to the values it purports to uphold.

    The ever valiant legions should direct this valor not only to others but also to themselves.


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