Electronics eng’g students bag championship in research symposium

Photo courtesy of the UST official website.

ELECTRONICS engineering students emerged as champions in the 5th National Computer Research and Engineering Symposium last Jan. 20 at Polytechnic University of the Philippines, for their study on muscle fatigue detection among the elderly.

The thesis, titled “Evaluation of Muscle Fatigue Degree Using Surface Electromyography and Accelerometer Signals in Fall Detection Systems,” focused on the extraction of muscle fatigue degree information through surface electromyography.

Surface electromyography is an electrical activity of individual muscles or group muscles that is detected, amplified and analyzed by a computer. The project sought to improve a fall detection system for elderly people.

The group members were John Paul Franklyn Ocampo, John Angelo Dizon, Clarence Vincent Reyes, Jon Joseph Capitulo and Juncarl Kevin Tapang.

“They were just average students. They were not even the top students in class. They also failed many times along their way. But like what I keep on telling them, it’s never too late to succeed,” said Siegfred Prado, their adviser, in an interview with the Varsitarian.

Formerly known as the Annual Information and Communication Technology Conference, the 5th National Computer Research and Engineering Symposium aims to give an opportunity to information and communication technology students to showcase their studies and projects that could raise quality of life.


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