Artlets Student Council president won’t resign

Photo grabbed from Reymark Simbulan's Facebook account.

The president of the Faculty of Arts and Letters (Artlets) Student Council has decided to continue his duties and will not resign from his post, as he recovers from multiple injuries after his attempt to take his own life nearly two months ago.

Political science senior Reymark Simbulan suffered a dislocated knee, a broken hip and severe spine injury after jumping from the 17th floor of the condominium building where he was staying last June 28. Simbulan had a bout with depression.

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“My spinal surgery was successful for almost three weeks now. My doctors have already given me both psychiatric and medical clearance, stating that I’m physically and mentally capable to go back to school,” Simbulan told the Varsitarian in an online interview last Aug. 14.

Simbulan, who spent days in the intensive care unit of UST Hospital after the incident, said he wanted to continue his work in the student council.

The 19-year-old Simbulan officially enrolled for the first term of Academic Year 2017-2018 last Aug. 1.

Amending the constitution of the council and the execution of its projects this year will be his priorities, he said.

Disappointed at judiciary board

Simbulan also expressed his disagreement with the Central Judiciary Board’s decision to allow candidates in the central and local student council elections with the highest number of votes next to “abstain” to be proclaimed winners.

“I was disappointed at the lack of liberality in construing the council election laws in UST; and I wish the CJB would reconsider,” he said.

Simbulan said he was in favor of a special election to fill the posts of Artlets internal vice president, secretary and auditor, which have remained vacant because of the high number of abstentions in the April student council polls.

“[The high number of abstentions] did not mean that the Artlets were confused as to what ‘abstain’ meant. We know better than that,” he added. P.F.V. Tria and J.M.D. Urmenita


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