THE UST Tiger Media Network’s online television unit, Tiger TV, will relaunch on Saturday, Sept. 25 with four new programs. 

The relaunch will be broadcast on Tiger TV’s Facebook page from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

UST Tiger TV head Gab Jopillo said that similar to the Tiger Radio relaunch, UST Tiger TV prepared more online-friendly programs to boost its online engagement. 

“We noticed our longer shows weren’t really getting much engagement online so it made us pursue creating content that’s suited to social media, and that meant more short-form content that are direct and straight to the point,” Jopillo told the Varsitarian

“We also wanted to create content that is both relatable to our Thomasians and appealing to whoever might find it on social media,” she added. 

Tiger TV will relaunch a total of 13 programs, including the four new shows. 

The new shows include “The Plateground,” an online segment that highlights emerging food trends, and “Professor Plays,” a game show featuring UST professors. 

Meanwhile, Tiger TV, together with Artistang Artlets, the theater community of the Faculty of Arts and Letters, will launch “Level Up,” an online drama that aims to destigmatize participation in e-gaming. 

Tiger TV will also launch “Versus”, a long-format program that will present two opposing perspectives and conflicts in e-gaming.

Tiger TV will revamp its older, shows namely, “Tiger News Weekly,” “Culture Shock,” “Trailblazers,” “Tatak Tomasino,” “The Conscious Mind,” “Lifeline,” “Jumpstart,” “#HomeTownVlogs” and Streak!”

“We plan to revamp them by turning these long-format shows into shorter content, in other words removing the ‘fluff’ that’s normally seen if these were aired on TV. [We will] release these shows not simply on Facebook but on specific social media platforms that would better suit their demographic,” Jopillo said.

UST Tiger TV is one of the two divisions of Tiger Media Network, the official broadcasting arm of the University.

Tiger Radio relaunched earlier this month after a three-month broadcasting hiatus. # with reports from Laurd Menhard Salen


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