Supporting liars, thieves and murderers while claiming to be obedient to God’s word is ironic, Fr. Hilario Sicat, Jr., O.P. told Thomasians.

Sicat, during his homily for the anticipated Mass at the Santisimo Rosario Parish Church for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on Dec. 7, said recent events had made it difficult for Catholics to say “yes” to God.

“Giving our yes to God has become challenging in these present times. We say ‘yes’ to God and at the same time, we say yes to thieves, liars and murderers. Can our ‘yes’ to God be truly a ‘yes’ if it is accompanied by a ‘yes’ to evil?” Sicat said.

“Kung ang ating ‘oo’ ay ibinibigay natin sa mga sinungaling, magnanakaw at mamatay tao, then our ‘yes’ to God becomes empty, and thus it becomes cheap,” he added.

Sicat called on the faithful to remain “close” to God to keep their faith and devotion genuine. 

“Away from God and forgetting about God, Adam and Eve gave in to the persuasion of the serpent. When we forget about God and make him absent in our professions, leaving him behind in the Church and meeting him only on Sundays, we are endangering our ‘yes’ to him,” Sicat said. 

The priest urged Thomasians to spread the light of Christ by being good examples to others.

“We are challenged to illuminate rather than merely shine. We are challenged to spread the light we have received and to give our yes to Him,” Sicat said. 

The anticipated Mass followed the University-wide virtual recollection led by Fr. Allen de Guzman, O.P. C.J. Paras


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