THE UNIVERSITY mustered a 39.22-percent passing rate in the December 2021 certified public accountant licensure examinations, with 40 out of 102 Thomasians passing the test. 

UST’s passing rate declined compared with the October 2021 exams, where 15 of 26 Thomasians passed, or a 57.69-percent passing rate.

The national passing rate rose to 21.87 percent, or 318 out of 1,454 examinees, from October 2021’s 15.3 percent, or 361 of 2,367 examinees. 

Similar to the October 2021 exams, the Professional Regulation Commission did not declare any topnotchers and top-performing schools in the December exams. 

The December 2021 exams were conducted from Dec. 16 to 18 in Manila.

The December 2021 exams were an extension of the October 2021 examinations, which were postponed and rescheduled due to community quarantine restrictions. 


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