SIX Thomasians landed in the top 10 of the March 2022 physician licensure examinations, where UST was the second top-performing school.

Mitch Roy Maristela led the new batch of Thomasian doctors after placing fourth nationwide with a score of 87.83 percent.

He was joined by five more Thomasians in the top 10: Daryl Obciana (No. 5, 87.58 percent), Madelaine Johanna Abraham (No. 6, 87.33 percent), Sushmita Mae Rose Contreras (No. 7, 87.25 percent), and Mary Joeline Arada and Mikhael Palao (tied at No. 10, 86.67 percent).

UST got an 85.71-percent passing rate, with 120 out of 140 examinees acing the exams.

The passing rate declined from 94.38 percent, or 302 of 320 examinees in the November 2021 cycle of the physician exams.

Linnaeus Cruz of the University of the Philippines – Manila led the new batch of physicians with a score of 90.25 percent.

The University of the Philippines – Manila was named the top-performing school, after it notched a passing rate of 91.23 percent or 52 out of 57 examinees.

The national passing rate decreased to 50.30 percent (1,427 of 2,837 examinees) from 72.85 percent (1,677 of 2,302 examinees) in November.

The exams were held on March 6, 7, 13 and 14.


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