File photo by Michael Angelo M. Reyes

A THOMASIAN placed fifth in the March 2022 licensure examinations for medical technologists, where UST posted a 66.67-percent passing rate.

Remi Nina Gurion mustered an 87.60-percent score to lead the new batch of Thomasian medical technologists. Fifty out of 75 UST examinees passed.

The University’s passing rate in the latest examination cycle was lower compared with its January 2022 performance, when it tallied an 80.37-percent passing rate or 86 out of 107 examinees.

Audrey Nicole Tape of Far Eastern University – Manila topped the March 2022 examinations with a score of 90.20 percent.

The University of Baguio was the only top-performing school in the March 2022 licensure exams, notching an 82.18 passing rate or 83 out of 101 examinees.

The national passing rate slipped from 49.90 percent or 1,307 of 2,619 examinees in January 2022 to 46.08 percent or 1,268 of 2,752 examinees in March 2022.


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