FOR TEACHERS who are strict with the attendance of students, every minute counts.

Before, a student who came to class minutes after it had started would need to clarify with the teacher if he was merely late or already considered absent. Such a scenario had often been brought about by the different time readings of teachers and students because of lack of reference time. And it was only lately that the University realized that its time was not synchronized with the Philippine standard time.

The move then to synchronize the time used in the University with the standard time does not appear timely, but rather late.

But this issue about time is a good reminder that the University maybe lagging behind.

Ironically, UST has stood the test of time only to endanger itself in the end. This nearly 400-year-old institution seems to have been left out by other universities that have been around for less than a century.

People speak only of the “big three” – La Salle, Ateneo, and UP. UST is hardly mentioned. If it mentioned, it is as a mere fourth.

Even in the league it co-founded, the UAAP, despite having the most basketball and over-all championships, UST appears an underdog.

Anxious about its upcoming quadricentennary in 2011, UST is focus on celebrating. There is a celebration only if there is something to celebrate. But in the case of the University, the list of reasons to celebrate shortens with time.

UST’s humbled image continues to exist despite a long list of distinguished alumni known in various fields.

UST bans promissory notes

Interestingly, products of this University have added luster to other schools that have become the better for it. Sadly, UST has been unable to keep some of its prized products to teach in the University.

UST has a lot of potential to forge ahead with great minds existing within its care. But it seems the potential remains unrealized.

We have started to synchronize our time with standard time. But isn’t it also time to synchronize ourselves with current standards, and what it demand?


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