SEVEN Thomasians landed in the top 10 of the August 2023 psychometrician licensure exams, where UST was named the third top-performing school.

The University recorded a 98.88-percent passing rate (177 of 179), an improvement from its 88.89-percent passing rate in the February 2022 exam cycle.

Krizzia Bautista, Joseph Dillague, and Mary Loba led the batch of new Thomasian psychometricians, with the three of them placing sixth nationwide after scoring 88 percent.

Khim Panaguiton scored 87.6 percent to place eighth, while Andrea Oliveros, Ezekiel Saligumba, and Mary Serafin each posted an 87.20-percent score to rank tenth.

Bianca Patricia Reyes of Bulacan State University-Malolos topped this year’s exams for psychometricians with a score of 89.60 percent.

The national passing rate for the psychometrician licensure exams soared to 73.27 percent (6,133 of 8,370) this year, from last year’s 43.24 percent (969 of 2,241).


A Thomasian ranked third in the separate licensure exams for psychologists, where UST was the second top-performing school.

Earl Mallari led the batch of new Thomasian psychologists after posting a score of 86 percent, placing third nationwide.

UST also improved its passing rate in the psychology board exams, posting a 93.55-percent passing rate (29 of 31), up from last year’s 85.71 percent (18 of 21).

Only two schools qualified as top-performing schools in the psychology board exams, with Ateneo de Manila University taking the top spot after recording a perfect passing rate.

Ateneo’s Jessicca Dee ranked first in the examinations with a score of 86.10 percent.

The national passing rate in the psychology board exams slightly dipped to 72.43 percent (339 of 468) from last year’s 74.59 percent (226 of 303).

The psychometrician and psychologist licensure exams were conducted from Aug. 1 to 2. Mikhail S. Orozco


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