WHILE other college publications in the University have been encountering difficulties, Inter Nos of the Ecclesiastical Faculty of Sacred Theology was able to surpass all odds and ultimately win the first Hall of Fame award as the Best Student Organ in the annual Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA).

“Though we do not receive any honorarium, it is our dedication that sets us apart,” Ivan Richard Deligero, former editor in chief of Inter Nos, said. “We want to show that we cannot do anything without God.”

Every start of the semester, the Inter Nos editorial board meets to set a theme for their issue, which usually comes out once every semester. The editors decide what to publish and revise the plan with the help of their dean, who is also the adviser of the publication.

“The theme would then be announced during the student’s assembly so that students would have time to write their articles. Their articles should fall under the theme in order for them to be accepted and published,” Deligero said.

The CMMA, spearheaded by the Archdiocese of Manila, pays tribute to media institutions that propagate values through the proficient and professional use of mass media methods. Inter Nos bagged their first Best Student Organ Award in 2003 with the theme “The Church in Crises: What Can We Do?.” They again won the 2004 trophy with the theme “Mary, the Rosary and World Peace. “ The publication grabbed its third trophy in 2005 on the issue of “Reconciliation and Renewal: Towards the Recovery of Our Nation.” These three victories merited Inter Nos the Hall of Fame Award in 2006.

Troubled waters

This 22-year-old publication appeared first as a section of the University Journal of Theology.

In 1985, it became a supplementary publication, but stopped for a few years after the release of Volume 2 in November 1985 because of lack of resources to come up with an issue.It was revived in 1988 and was recognized as the official newsletter of the faculty.

“This newsletter provided students with an avenue in which they can express their views,” Deligero said.

Inter Nos became a student publication in the early 90’s, most articles being literary pieces like fiction and poetry written by students of the Faculty of Sacred Theology. In 1997, it became the official student publication, coming out in glossy pages.

Despite the CMMA victory, Inter Nos staffers still see the need to improve the publication.

“We still need to continue to compete. Beyond our borders, we may only be as good as our last issue,” Deligero said.


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