Tigers suffer three-game losing streak


August 12, 5:34 p.m. -THE UST Growling Tigers went miserably out of tune from the three-point range to start the second round of their UAAP campaign on a bad note against the University of the East (UE) Red Warriors, 65-75, Thursday at the Big Dome.

UST, the number one three-point-shooting team in the first round of eliminations, posted a dismal 16.7 percent conversion from beyond the arc, compared to UE’s impressive 42.1 percent.

After a head-to-head battle in the first half, the Warriors’ lead ballooned to as high as 17 points in the early goings of the final quarter, 43-60, courtesy of UE hotshot James Martinez who finished with 20 points.

Tiger Jeric Fortuna nailed 14 points, shooting only one of his five triple attempts, while Carmelo Afuang and Jeric Teng combined for 23 points.

The Tigers fell closer to the cellar at 3-5 after succumbing to their third straight loss. Jeremy S. Perey


  1. Why is it placed in the lead that “THE UST Growling Tigers went miserably out of tune from the three-point range to start the second round of their UAAP campaign”?

    So the Tigers depend on their three-point shooting to win a ball game?

    Drive Tigers! Set plays! Don’t keep on heaving shots especially from three point range, which has low percentage.

  2. what in the hell is happening to these boys? they got shutdown because they relied too much on their gunning skills. they gotta have someone in the inside with the SKILL to KILL. darn, they gotta change tactics and quit on the run and gun move. somebody’s gotta step up and fearlessly slash to the post. too many missed shots IS COSTLY without a good rebounder from the inside, or hungry heart to chase and grab possession.

    this was definitely a bad game for them or may be it’s just because its the preliminary exams. whatever.

  3. By the way the UST Tigers are playing , it would be very hard for UST to steal a win in the second round. To early to blame the coaching staff but Pido Jarencio’s strategy of concealing the team prior to the UAAP and not joining summer leagues is having dire consequences to teamwork and cohesiveness. See the errors. While other teams are going to the U.S to train, the Tigers only preparation for this season are pick up games with lower tier teams in the NCAA.

    • In case you don’t know, or haven’t read from the previous issues of the Varsitarian, the Tigers joined a summer league as part of their preparations. It’s the MBL or the Millennium Basketball League. As for coach Pido’s preference to “conceal the team prior to the UAAP,” in case you haven’t read the previous issues of the Varsitarian as well, coach Pido didn’t want the team to be scouted by joining a lot of summer leagues. He wanted to keep that “element of surprise.” Also, winning the UAAP is not solely about training in the US.

      • Yes i know that the Tigers joined the MBL and in case you dont know, the MBL is a low standard league that other UAAP teams and strong NCAA teams dont consider as worth their time. Perhaps you also dont know that Pido’s element of surprise strategy is not surprising other UAAP teams. The 4 consecutive losses in fact is not surprising with the way the Tigers are turning over the ball and “squandering” and “surrendering” to other teams.

        • Edi ikaw na may alam. Eh ano kung hindi na-surprise yung teams? Edi hindi effective ang “element of surprise strategy” ni Pido, anong magagawa natin? May 4 consecutive losses na sila. So anong gagawin natin? Hindi ba’t taga-report ang mga taong ito ng mga resulta ng games? Kailangan pa bang panghimasukan ang decisions ng coach? Anong magagawa ng Varsitarian kung 4 na sunod-sunod na talo na ang Tigers? Hay hay.

          • Yes i admit i know and you dont apparently. As a journalist you should know. Precisely thats why iam posting here in the “comment” portion and iam just airing my intelligent opinion. The question is whether your comment can be classified as one.

          • Edi ikaw na rin ang journalist–ang isang napakatalinong journalist! I am so proud of you and I am looking forward to seeing more intelligent opinions from you! Nakakatuwa kasi eh.

  4. We cant really the blame the players. Somebody mentioned that there must be an inside game. Unfortunately an “inside game” depends on a strong mobile center. Right now our rotation for the center position – Pe, Mamaril and Te is to non-dominant and non-intimidating. Last year i remember Dylan Ababou p=even playing the 5 position despite the fact that he plays comfortably in the 3 position. Come to think of it our frontline is better this year than last year with the addition of Pe,Mamaril and Te. Of course wight now we dont have a MVP caliber player thats why we are about to scrape the cellar and fight it out with UP for 7th place. This year is a rebuilding phase and we can only hope that with a virtual intact line-up next year we will be a force to reckon with.