Treason, betrayal on Independence Day


IT IS IRONICAL that the Department of National Defense announced the sinking of a Filipino fishing boat by an aggressive Chinese vessel on Recto Bank on Independence Day.

The incident reinforced the fact that Filipinos aren’t free and sovereign right in their own territory, or in this case, right in their own exclusive economic zone.

In denial of Chinese aggression and trampling of Philippine sovereign rights is China’s Philippine satrap Rodrigo Duterte, who has never upheld, much less implemented, the 2016 International Court of Law ruling against Beijing’s historic rights on the entire South China sea.

Meanwhile totalitarian Communist Beijing has downplayed the matter as an “ordinary” maritime incident even if the Chinese vessel violated international law when it left the hapless Philippine fishermen adrift on sea. (They were later rescued by the Vietnamese.)

The incident brings into clear relief what has been very evident all along: lapdog Duterte in his natural habitat, following his master Xi Jinping’s lead on how to cover up China’s imperialist and totalitarian–and very violent–tendencies.

The President has denied even Philippines’s international law-mandated sovereign rights over the exclusive economic zone in the West Philippine Sea.

He is backed up by actor and plagiarist Senator Tito Sotto who publicly expressed his approval of China fishing in our own seas, even when no one was asking for his crummy opinion.

Either the highest government officials in our land are clueless or ignorant (or both) of our Constitution, the international law or even the 2016 victory of Manila against Beijing’s sweeping and inaccurate 9-dash line claim over the West Philippine Sea.

As these laws overtly shout the exclusivity of Philippine waters, nothing has been exclusive to the Philippines since Duterte cuddled up with China, sealing a deal in 2016, that he proudly admitted was done behind the Congress’s back, with a fishing agreement which allowed them to fish in our own waters.

But why should we expect Duterte to protect our territorial waters when he could not even protect the lives of Filipinos, when the only lives he cares to protect are those of his allies, donor businessmen and his friend, China?

China was never the Philippines’s friend. It is surely the friend of corrupt government officials past and present. It surely is the friend of drug traffickers in the country since billions worth of drugs seized in the Manaila ports have come from China.

Duterte has ordered killed just about every petty drug dealer and poor drug user, except for those who tried to smuggle in billions of drugs through Philippine ports. To be sure, none of his Customs and other officials who saw the drugs smuggled under their very noses has been indicted.

The vicious cycle of broken promises, lies and betrayal is in front of us yet our government officials choose to look past it and side with China.

The one-sided relationship of China exploiting the Philippines, its strategic location, natural gas, economy, and territory, for its megalomaniac Belt and Road Initiative and soon, world domination, is enabled and supported by Duterte who thinks that this is “how things go.”

But, no, Rodrigo, that is not how things should go. The Philippines, which you claim to protect, deserves more than your defeatist remarks and outright sellout and treason.

The President has sworn to protect the country’s sovereign territory. We have the Constitution to help you enforce that but you choose to use it to wipe your butt.

If anyone is thoughtless, it is our very own Duterte. If anything is senseless, it is the killing of Filipinos, the sellout of their right to livelihood, and the surrender of Philippine territory to the Communist bastards in Beijing.

If anything, the Filipino people should realize that there is no one but us who can save ourselves from malevolent predators such as China and its Manila lapdog Duterte in this dog-eat-dog world.


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