AFTER the rain comes flood, Thomasians know for sure.

But how can we survive in the virtual “island” that becomes of UST come rainy season? Consider some tips from the UST Crisis Management Committee (CMC). After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry

Listen to announcements

According to Clemente Dingayan, detachment commander of the UST Security Office and a member of the coordinating bodies of CMC, it is better to wait and listen to the announcements of the Office of the Secretary General regarding class suspension. It is also advisable to tune in to radio and television stations for relevant information such as class suspension

Follow instructions

Once the announcements are given, follow instructions provided by the authorities. Students are urged to go home immediately after class suspension to avoid accidents like slipping and falling into open manholes.

Dingayan added that students should also listen to security guards when they tell them not to enter the school anymore once classes are cancelled.

According to the guidelines provided by the CMC, if Thomasians get stranded inside their buildings because of flood, the University bus will roam around the campus and drive Thomasians to the Tan Yan Kee Student Center where they can stay until the flood subsides.

“The Tan Yan Kee Student Center always has power and water supply,” said Dingayan.

In some cases, the University bus will bring the students and personnel to major points of destination to enable them to go home safely.

“This is something new with CMC since there is already available transportation and we can make use of it,” he said.

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Choose strategic locations

Elevated areas like the Tan Yan Kee Student Center are a safe haven once flood enters the campus.

Car owners may park their vehicles at the UST Carpark, in front of the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex (TARC), Santisimo Rosario Church, and behind the St. Martin de Porres building since these areas are least vulnerable to flood.

Make sure to stay away from easily flooded areas such as the Botanical Garden.

The most ideal exit point for students leaving the University is the gate at Lacson Street since the elevation is higher than that of España or Dapitan Street.

Remember the must-haves

Make sure to bring the appropriate rain gear— an umbrella, a raincoat, or a jacket for obvious reasons.

Also bring slippers in the event that you’re left with no choice but to brave the floods. Don’t forget your mobile phones in case of emergency.

Know who to contact

Stranded Thomasians may coordinate with the Office of the Student Affairs at 731-2985 or dial CMC hotline 811. It is also advisable for students and personnel to contact their families or guardians regarding their whereabouts.

But if worst comes to worse, stay calm. A clear mind in times of trouble is ultimately one’s best protection.


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