THE FACULTY of Arts and Letters (Artlets) has proposed the creation of an institute for its Journalism and Communication Arts (CA) programs.

According to Artlets Dean Dr. Armando de Jesus, the institute would still be under the Faculty but might spin off to another school later. The same set-up is now observed in the College of Commerce, which has the Institute of Accountancy.

De Jesus added that with the institute, curricular renovations and faculty development would be enhanced. He explained that as a semi-autonomous unit, the institute could give more focus on enhancing the strengths of the CA and Journalism programs.

The CA program has the biggest population among the several programs in the Faculty. Meanwhile, the number of Journalism students has increased dramatically over the last two years since the program started the four-year majoring system.

UST has the oldest communication education program in the Philippines. Its Journalism program was established in 1936, making UST the oldest existing communication school in the country. Billy Joe I. Allardo

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