I GUESS it is another case of ningas cugon.

When the city council of Manila passed Ordinance No. 8046 late last year, one could see barangay mobiles circling their place of jurisdiction and reminding minors (below 18 years old) to stay indoors from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.

I believe the ordinance is good because it seeks to “lessen” criminality because it forces the younger ones to stay in the comforts of their houses, thus minimizing chances of getting involved in crimes—either as victims or perpetrators.

However, lately I barely see those mobiles or barangay police doing rounds. Worse, I come across children wandering in the streets in the wee hours of the morning.

It’s never too late. I hope the people entrusted to enforce the ordinance perform their jobs better with no let-down.

On another note, another group of people roaming the dark bothers me—the drunkards. More of a threat compared to the young ones, these people spend the night drinking dozens of liquor bottles till they’re down and out. One gets the creeps when passing by groups engaged in drinking sessions along the streets. You don’t know what’s on the mind of intoxicated individuals. They can suddenly go wild, causing harm in a spur of a moment.

I think the streets would be safer if drunkards are not allowed to take even a drop of “water” outdoors at night.


I would like to make a correction in my previous column. The Faculty of Arts and Letters window should have been no. 4.


I never thought my two years in the Varsitarian would be this fast. The end of my stay in the publication was something I knew would come. Now, that the inevitable has arrived, I never thought saying good-bye was this hard.

The slow and tedious search for justice

Before I put the finishing touches on my last column, I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people who helped me through this chapter.

First, I thank my batch mates in the ‘V’, Geoff, Billy, Alder, Ron, Rachelle, Steph, Lutchie, Sheila, Meg, Phillis, Weng, RJ, and Charles for being there for me.

Geoff, Rachelle, Lutchie, and Steph, wherever you’re all headed, I will always be thankful for the friendship we have. Real friends are rare nowadays and I thank God for letting our paths cross.

Marlon, Dumy, and Eldric, it was a pleasure working with you guys. It would have been a different Vol. 74 for the publication if it weren’t for the three of you. Thanks for the opportunities. I would forever treasure the sleepless nights, together with Carlo, we had to put every issue to bed. It was one hell of a year.

Myra, thanks for all the advice and encouragement. I needed those. Good luck.

Marisse, I’ll miss your sweet smile. Elka, I can only thank you enough for giving your best. As I have told you beforehand, I don’t know what would have happened to the News section if you weren’t around.

Tina, just do your best in all your endeavors. Manage your time wisely and everything would fall in place.

JV, things just don’t happen, they take place for a reason.

Thanks to the Photogz squad, Paul, Clifford, and Stephan, you are one important group. The news page will never be complete without your still shots.

Paul, you can do it as a nurse.

To the ‘V’ cagers, Dex, Yek-yek, Alder, Carlo, Charles, Billy, Marlon, Hector, Patrick, and Kenneth, I would have been “bigger” if not for the regular pick-up game we had.

Digital clocks installed university-wide

To my predecessor, Cai, thanks for all the help when I was starting as a ‘V’ writer. I owe a lot to you.

Aidz, thanks for the guidance.

Ma’am Chrisma, thanks for trusting and believing in me.

Sir Lito, thanks for being the best mentor. I can only say so much.

To the rest of the ‘V’ staff, thanks for the wonderful experience.

And lastly, to the most important people in my life, papa, mama, lolo, and lola, thanks for all the love and support. I am thankful God gave me the best persons I can always look up to. To kuya, you will always be the best brother although you are annoying at times.

All good things do come to an end. I will forever be thankful to the Varsitarian for helping me become the person I am today. I guess this is the end of the line for Breakpoint. Thank you.


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