UNIVERSITY RECTOR Fr. Tamerlane Lana, O.P. emphasized love with wonder as the foundation of the Filipino family in his sermon during the Paskuhan 2002 last Dec. 19 at the UST grandstand.

According to Fr. Lana, wonders and surprises in a family are keys to unity and a stronger relationship.

“A family that does not thrive on wonders and love hardly survives. If it loses its aspect of surprise, it is doomed to failure. Relationships simply turn to boring connections,” he said.

Fr. Lana explained that this is because wonder speaks of mystery and surprises.

He also said the element of surprise must be extended to the relationship of a married couple.

“A man and a woman must be living in love. Marriage is not just a permanent state but a wonderful event. Couples must explore new challenges and realities in married life. This unleashes energy and is also true in family life,” Fr. Lana said.

Fr. Lana said that love should always be present in a family and expressed in creative ways.

The Rector added that Thomasians should consider UST a family.

“During this time of the year, we do not only pay tribute to our own families but the family we call the Thomasian family. Ang pasko ng pamilyang Pilipino ay pasko ng pamilyang Tomasino,” Fr. Lana said. Ma. Cristina S. Lavapie

Graduates 2003


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