A DECOMPOSING fetus was found in a closet outside the ladies’ room on the ground floor of the Ecclesiatical Faculties last June 27.

According to the reports of the Office of Security Affairs (OSA) janitress, Ms. Delia Pelansa noticed a shoebox in the closet near the ladies room and out of curiousity opened it only to discover a decomposing fetus wrapped in a cloth. She brought the fetus outside the chapel and informed security guard Ney Atadero, who called the security office.

The security office estimated the fetus to be around four to five months old.

The security office had the area cordoned while waiting for a police investigator from Precint 4.

SPO3 Ernesto Jose of the Western Police District Homicide Division came to investigate the incident and then had the fetus brought to International Funeral Homes. Ma. Karmina P. de Ungria

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