TWO freshmen were swindled by three unidentified men posing as frat members outside the University’s P. Noval St. gate last July 12.

In a statement given by the victims to the Office of Security Affairs (OSA), the victims Kenmar Lestar Vibar and John Paul Rivera were approached by a man claiming to be an Alpha Phi Omega fraternity member. The man asked the victims if they had any idea about the harassment of a fellow member. Another man stationed from a nearby newspaper stand later joined them. The students were then brought at the corner of P. Noval St. and Espana Blvd. and made them sit on a bench where they were asked about fraternities, initiation and custody.

An accomplice, pretending to be a passerby, was called over and asked the same questions. The accomplice and the victims were made to write down in an index card their names, addresses, any fraternity affiliations and if they carried any deadly weapons. The men then instructed them to have the cards signed by women in front of the UST Chapel wearing shirts with the word “sorority” emblazoned at the front.

The accomplice went first but was made to leave his wallet. The man later came back with the index card already signed. The victims were forced to do the same, and were made to leave their belongings. They searched for the women at the Chapel but found no one.

The victims returned only to find all the men and their belongings gone.

The victims lost their bags containing books, 390.00 Php, a cellphone and a bracelet. Ma. Karmina P. De Ungria

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