TO AVOID conflicting student records that led to the resignation of former College of Architecture (CA) Dean Luis Ferrer’s resignation, Dean Arch. Augusto Concio, proposed a new system to avoid inconsistent student records.

Concio, who served as dean of the former College of Architecture and Fine Arts from 1974-80, said they are planning to keep all the computerized academic records of CA students in his office.

He explained that once a student incurs at least a total of six units of failure, the students would be immediately notified through the guidance counselor. This would serve as the student’s update on his status is the University.

According to Concio, who obtained his Architecture degree from the University of California-Berkley in 1965, he aims to improve the reference materials of their students in architectural design. Through this, he said students will no longer have to worry about functional requirements and could concentrate more on the creation of forms.

The college will procure references on different architectural designs, which will be reproduced and then handed out to the students, Concio explained.

He also said they will continue Ferrrer’s Humane Cities program since the program’s international seminars provide UST a valuable link with other architects and planners outside the Philippines.

However, he said they would still review some of the changes Ferrer implemented in the curriculum like the institutionalization of the apprenticeship program.

Concio, who has been teaching at the college since 1968, also wants to stress the importance of values formation and prayer among students because it will not only make them better architects in the future but also better persons.

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On the other hand, Concio said the College already submitted the dean’s council’s findings regarding the case that led to Ferrer’s resignation.

According to Fr. Lana, however, the faculty tribunal of the University still has to decide on the case before he renders his own decision.


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