DESPITE the dip in its board exams performance last June, the College of Nursing still registered its highest number of student applicants in years.

According to College of Nursing Dean Glenda Vargas, there were more than 11,000 applicants vying for the 500 slots available.

“This was the highest number of applicants so far. However, we cannot increase the quota because we also have to see whether our faculty can handle the number,” Vargas said.

Vargas attributed the increase to the high demand for nurses abroad and the quality of education the University offers.

“The demand for nurses both locally and abroad is still very high. Despite the results of the board exams last September, UST is still number one among the nursing schools. We still have the accreditation and we have a very competitive faculty,” Vargas said.

She said the college also increased the cut-off score to prune down the applicants.

Vargas added the college employed the panel interview method this year instead of the traditional one-on-one to obtain a more objective result.

“There are those who might reach the interview, but would not be admitted because they lack certain requirements. Also, when it comes to appeals for reconsideration we have to present strong reasons why we did not admit a certain student,” she explained

Good facilities, a competitive faculty, and a rigorous schedule awaits Nursing freshmen come June, Vargas said.

“We’ll give them a good training but it is really all up to them. We cannot give them confidence and perseverance,” she said.

Vargas also assured that Nursing freshmen need not worry about the quality of education despite the result of the board exams last June.

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“We did a research study of the examinees who did not make it in the board exams last June. We were concerned why it turned out that way,” Vargas said. “That study showed that most of them did not really have Nursing as their first choice or did not regularly attend the review sessions given them.” Jennifer B. Fortuno


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