IT SEEMS that the Congress has distorted priorities. Several problems owing to the poor economy, crime and corruption, and terrorism are drowning the nation, but Congress has chosen to prioritize in its legislative business a bill that abets pre-marital sex, contraception, and abortion.

House Bill No. 4110, also known as the Reproductive Health Care Agenda of 2001, masks evil intentions behind the noble rhetoric of improving women’s health. It is nothing but an attack on the Constitution which upholds life “from conception” and on the law of God itself. What is alarming is that the bill seeks not only to legalize abortion, but also to influence the youth to practice the contraceptive lifestyle through sex-education classes at all levels where they would learn “safe sex.”

All of these are under the pretense of improving the “reproductive health of the people—providing people free and non-restricted access to information regarding reproductive health and the right to make decisions concerning their reproductive health free of discrimination, coercion, and violence.”

Who’s stopping the women from getting all of these?

None. But surely the sponsors of the bill are using a quaint worldview and vocabulary to press for “reproductive health.” And reproductive health is just a convenient phrase for abortion, untramelled conception, and sex education even for kids.

Are there obstacles to contraception in the Philippines? None. Despite the Church’s opposition to it, it is available and women have access to it. Therefore, the bill really seeks to legalize abortion. But abortion is murder lest the authors of the bill forget, life begins with the union of sperm and egg to form a zygote which already has a life. The Constitution upholds this view.

Pautakan 2003

There are cases in which the life of the mother may be endangered because of pregnancy, but medical science has enough protocols to answer such situations. There is no need for a law to outline such conditions. Clearly, the bill, in seeking to provide unmitigated access to abortion, seeks to number our physicians to the circle of murderers.

The bill seems to justify abortion in cases of rape and “unwanted pregnancy.” But surely if such conditions arose, murder wouldn’t be the answer. It couldn’t be an answer to a Christian society that defends the sanctity of life.

While natural health should rightly concern us, it is scandalous that all radical feminists could think of to promote health of mothers is to give them access to the murder of infants.

There are no ifs and buts, in this issue. Death to the abortion bill!


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