WHILE magazines and websites are entertaining and informative, they could also serve as a gateway to Catholic unity.

These contemporary resources reinvigorate Catholicism through interactive content like interesting topics with creative illustrations.

This growing novelty has earned popularity and has been adopted by many Catholic organizations.

Among them are the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and Transpacific Broadcast Group International (TBGI), who have joined together in the creation of CBCPWorld, a Network Service Provider to promote human values and to spread the mission in the social communications.

Apart from websites, magazines like the Catholic Digest offer Catholics a reading haven. These materials strengthen Catholic values and remind the people to live their lives each day with hope, charity, faith, and meaning.

“These types of contemporary materials create a vision in the values of Christ. It is also a golden opportunity for evangelization—to bring people, especially the youth to Christianity,” Faculty of Arts and Letters Regent, Rev. Fr. Lucio Gutierrez said.

Vice-Rector for Religious Affairs Rev. Fr. Rodel Aligan, O.P. said he believes that the new publications remind people of the Christian values and teachings that often overlooked.

“Many of these magazines give hope and guidance. Many of the youths today need a sense of direction and they need certain people to look up to.”

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