UST PROFESSORS can now own a brand-new laptop computer through a loan program by the Educational Technology (Ed Tech) Center launched January.

Professors who are active members of the Ed Tech’s Electronic Learning Access Program (E-Leap) program may be nominated to the Faculty Laptop Acquisition and Rewards Empowerment (Flare) project, which aims to help professors maximize their teaching through E-Leap by providing them laptop computers.

“The productivity of the faculty member can be maximized if they have their own laptop,” E-Leap internal project manager Leandre Dacanay said.

Last Jan. 31 and Feb. 14, the Ed Tech gave 15 laptops to professors from different colleges.

But Dacanay said that although Ed Tech will shoulder 40 per cent of the laptop’s cost, the remaining balance will be deducted from the professor’s salary through a 12-month installment period.

He explained that to qualify for Flare, a faculty member must be tenured, has undergone an E-Leap Blackboard training with the Ed Tech, and has developed and deployed a course site in the E-Leap.

However, if during the 12-month loan period the recipients do not actively make use of the E-Leap course, the discount will be refunded.

“We actually have a monitoring scheme during the loan period designed to screen if the recipients are using E-Leap Blackboard through the number of hits they have,” Dacanay said.

The Ed Tech Center is also considering giving desktop computers to Flarerecipients next semester.

“We are thinking of giving recipients an option between a laptop and a desktop computer,” Dacanay said. “But as of now, we still have to work on the details and mechanics.” Adrian T. Elumba

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