AFTER pilot-testing the standardization of the general education curriculum this semester, the Office of General Education (GenEd) will supervise general education courses for Languages, Social Sciences, Humanities and Culture, Mathematics and Natural Sciences next year and the office included in the recruitment of instructors.

“There are still imperfections,” Dr. Nancy Eleria, assistant to the vice-rector for academic affairs for general education, told the Varsitarian. “Next year, however, things will be better.”

As agreed to by the GenEd and the Committee of Deans, the former will handle the recruitment of instructors.

With the setup, Eleria said the colleges and faculties would be able to concentrate on developing their major courses. However, the colleges will still have the final say on who to hire.

“GenEd will provide the colleges with a list of possible instructors,” Eleria said. This is effective because we know who are the competent instructors for general education subjects.”

GenEd will also handle the evaluation of the instructors. The evaluation will be the basis for the renewal of their teaching contracts with UST.

Meanwhile, Eleria was elected vice-chairman of the Dean’s Committee of the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines (CEAP) in the National Capital Region last August. She also represented the University in the Technology Licensing Seminar in Singapore last month.

CEAP is a national organization of Catholic educational institutions in the Philippines. It promotes religious instruction as an essential element of Catholic education.

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