WHAT was supposed to be a mere class project for a group of UST students turned into San Beda College’s official museum housing the Benedictine educational institution’s 106 years of history.

The San Beda College Museum, inaugurated last Jan. 27, was the work of Graduate School students Bryan Brigoli, Maureen Runas, and Joseph Renta for their subject, Museum Interpretation and Design, under Prof. Corazon Alvina.

“With its 106 years of existence, it is just right that San Beda house its rich history in one roof and take pride on it,” Alvina said. “It is just appropriate that San Beda seek help from UST which it houses the oldest museum in the country, and since the ties between UST and San Beda have been marked in history.”

Between 1906 to 1910, the Dominican-run UST helped administer San Beda College’s programs.

The 150 sq.m. museum is open Tuesday to Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Its first exhibit showcased the history of the College in Manila, and highlights a wall sketch of their patron saint, St. Benedict, which was drawn by College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD) professor Oliver Rabala.

The project was initiated by Renta, who is now San Beda Museum director. Renta had approached several UST Museum experts to help design the San Beda Museum’s interior and cataloging the school’s research materials.

“They (UST professors) said yes without hesitation and I am grateful to them,” Renta said.

Renta tapped UST professors Regalado Jose and Eric Zerrudo of the UST Center for Conservation and Cultural Properties in the Tropics as curator consultants, Beato Angelico Gallery curator Mary Anne Venturina-Bulanadi as exhibition designer and Cheek Fadriquela, president of the CFAD-based organization Karaya as project coordinator.


“A lot of Thomasians, even students, helped in fulfilling this project,” Bulanadi said. “The compliments people pay to the San Beda Museum show how the whole project is much appreciated and how the entire team did their jobs well.” Marc Laurenze C. Celis


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