THE PUBLIC Attorneys’s Office (PAO) chief told Thomasians that the legal profession is a service-oriented occupation and not a money-making venture.

Atty. Persida Rueda-Acosta said a lawyer must never discriminate between a better-paying client and a poor client. She explained that it is a lawyer’s duty to always protect the interests of a client to the best of his ability regardless of the latter’s ability to pay

“As a public attorney, I have been able to use my profession in reaching out to the less fortunate Filipinos in need of a good legal counsel and in upholding the standards that a public servant must practice,” she said during “The Legal Profession and Beyond: Restoring the Nobility of the Justice System,” at the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex auditorium last Jan. 23.

The seminar, organized by the UST Legal Management Society, sought to give a first-hand view on the rigors of the practice of law and to promote student awareness on the nature of Legal Management as a preparatory law course. J. dL. Yamzon

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