A THOMASIAN secured spots in the top 10 of the October 2021 licensure examinations for electronics engineers and electronics technicians, placing ninth and third, respectively.

UST alumnus Tim Patrick Nieves scored 87.80 percent in the electronics engineering boards and 93 percent in the electronics technicians boards.

The University fielded 26 examinees, of which 17 passed, or a passing rate of 65.38 percent.

UST recorded a perfect passing rate in the electronics technician boards, with all 17 takers passing the exams.

David Callena of the University of Southeastern Philippines – Davao City led the country’s new batch of electronics engineers with a score of 92.80 percent. 

Mark Justine Cudiamat of the University of Batangas topped the licensure examinations for electronics technicians after scoring 95 percent.

The national passing rate for electronics engineers slightly dipped to 47.84 percent (710 of 1,484 examinees) from 49.43 percent (2,460 of 4,977) in October 2019.

For the electronics technician exams, the national passing rate rose to 75.77 percent (738 of 974 examinees) from 65.58 percent (2,589 of 3,775 examinees) in 2019.

The licensure examinations for electronics engineers and electronics technicians were held on Oct. 26 and Oct. 24 to 25, respectively. Faith Yuen Wei Ragasa


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