Catholics celebrated the 39th World Communications day with the theme “The Communications Media: at the Service of Understanding between People” last May 8 at St. Peter’s Basilica.

Pope Benedict XVI stressed the influence of the media in launching ecumenical dialogue or provoking violence between different faiths.

The media, the Pope said, is an effective instrument for the “promotion of solidarity” among different nationalities and cultures. However, this can also cause “prejudice and contempt among individuals” if abused.

According to UST Campus Ministry Director Fr. Ramon Salibay O.P., using the media for evangelization in the Philippines is rare. The Church in the country has only the historic Radio Veritas, which aired Cardinal Sin’s call to topple Marcos’ dictatorship back in 1986, leading to the peaceful EDSA Revolution.

“Most of the large mass media organizations are private and not church-owned. The problem with the media today hinges on whether the advertisers sponsoring shows want to promote Christian values,” Fr. Salibay said.

Formerly known as Ascension Sunday, World Communications Day was started by the Pope Paul VI in 1967. Llanesca T. Panti

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