THERE’S one less reason to be late for class.

To make sure Thomasians follow the same time on campus, 23 Global Positioning System (GPS) clocks were installed at strategic locations last February.

UST is the first Philippine university to align with the Philippine Standard Time (PST) in a campus-wide scale, with its own University Standard Time (UST).

“The reason for the GPS standard time is to have a unified reference time for the whole University. It used to be based on Internet time. Now there is a clear, very visible campus-wide reference,” Secretary General Fr. Winston Cabading, O.P. said in a text message.

The clocks, which cost an estimated P590,000, is synchronized with GPS satellites that make all time formats uniform and aligned with PST. In case of power failure, the clocks automatically retrieve GPS-based time.

UST acquired 18 units of seven-inch electronic digital display clocks and five units of 12-inch display clocks.

Installation of GPS clocks started last September. Five-inch clocks will be installed in every classroom in UST by June.

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