THE UST Medical Alumni Association (USTMAA), one of the more influential bodies in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (Medicine), said it will not get involved with the separation of the UST Hospital (USTH) from the University so as not to worsen the issue.

“As long as the rights and privileges of the (doctors) are not being impinged, USTMAA does not (need to) have an official stand because as a body, it is not directly involved (in the separation),” said Dr. Cynthia Fernandez, USTMAA president for 2005.

The clarification came when a number of Medicine faculty members protested the separation deemed final by the University Board of Trustees (UST-BOT).

Fernandez also denied that USTMAA-America is planning to stage a protest against the separation.

“Although USTMAA-America is aware of the separation, it does not want to meddle with (things) that are not of its concern,” Fernandez said.

The Varsitarian earlier reported that the USTH has been separated from the University following reports that the Hospital is losing money. But UST-BOT Vice-Chairman Fr. Juan Ponce, O.P., clarified that the USTH is still not yet officially separated as far as the law is concerned, but the decision to “part ways” still stands.

“We have not yet really separated, formally, the Hospital from the University,” Fr. Ponce said. “There was already a paper of incorporation in 1987, but it (is only being) completed now.”

Although some alumni have expressed concern about the separation, Medicine Dean Dr. Rolando Lopez said the Faculty and the Hospital policy-making body are addressing the possible conflicts that may arise if the separation would be finalized.

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A memorandum of agreement may even be “forthcoming,” he added.

“Once we have submitted the recommendations to the Rector, and when the Hospital also approves of them, a memorandum of agreement will have to be prepared,” Lopez said. Reagan D. Tan


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