THE MIGUEL de Benavidez Library is said to have a better and safer power supply station installed in front of the St. Raymund’s Building by June.

In an interview with the Varsitarian, Buildings and Grounds (B&G) electrical engineer Oliver Gagarin said they built the new structure to temporarily house the library’s 175 kilowatt per hour (kwh) generator and a new 1,000 kilo-volt ampere (kva) transformer to deal with fire hazards.

“In incidents of short-circuits, for example, the whole University can be assured that the books and the library would be spared from fire,” Gagarin said.

The nearly-completed two-story building was designed by Hammerdale and constructed by Metriccon, Co. Inc. since November last year.

Gagarin explained that for years, the Benavidez Library (formerly UST Central Library) had been dependent on a built-in 65 kwh generator for its power supply. The generator, which is located in the first floor of the library, poses serious threats to students and library staff in case it malfunctions, Gagarin said.

By March 2008, Gagarin said that the B&G will replace the library’s 175 kwh generator with an 870 kwh machine to give the library a greater source of alternative power in case of brownouts. K.M.A.V.

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