“Tenant’s Home” by Lorenzo shows the ability of the artist to give life to a painting with the use of dried paint to create a realistic texture on the canvas. Photo by Giannina Nicolai P. Melicor FOR A man who was a “terror teacher,” Diosdado M. Lorenzo (1906-1984) is held dear by his students who, though coming from different batches, came together to view the opening of the exhibit, “Dading The Painter, Enchong The Master: Life and Works of Diosdado Magno Lorenzo, a project by the Research Cluster for Culture, Education and Social Issues, and the College of Fine Arts and Design. It opened last February 9 at the Museum of Arts and Sciences. It is now mounted until February 22 at the Miguel de Benavides Central Library.

Emcee Rhoda Recto, an artist and fine arts faculty, fondly recalled how stingy Lorenzo was at giving grades.

“We were so afraid of failing because the highest grade he would give was 2.25!” Recto said.

Featured in the exhibit were six artworks, including a collaborative work by some of Lorenzo’s former students.

Being one of the original 13 Moderns of the Philippines, the original group of modernists led by UST fine arts school founder and National Artist Victorio Edades, Lorenzo’s works are characterized by fiery impressionism. He applied paint liberally and unlike most painters of his time, he did not smooth the surface out. Instead, he let the paint dry, giving the painting a rough surface, and his work a three-dimensional look.

“Lorenzo not only painted the external individual personal appearance of his subjects, he infused them with energy,” curator Mary Ann Venturina-Bulanadi said.

The three-dimensional effect is very evident in Lorenzo’s “Hong Kong Market Scene.” Other landscapes by Lorenzo on exhibit are “Bario Scene,” “Tenant’s Home,” and “Wanchi Marine View.” They show the artist’s penchant for warm tones.

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“The maestro’s favorite colors are earth colors,” said Recto.

Included in the exhibit are portraits of two UST rectors; “Rev. Fr. Santiago Paya” and “Rev. Fr. Jesus Diaz, O.P.”

The last portrait is “Chinese Mother,” showing a woman carrying an infant in her back.

Lorenzo’s students include National Artists Ang Kiukok and J. Elizalde Navarro, Antonio Austria, Angelito Antonio, Norma Belleza, James Onglepho, Fil De la Cruz, Manuel Baldenor and Mike Parial. M.J.A.D.Cruz


  1. Though having been away from the Philippines for 40 yrs, how can I forget a great professor, Lorenzo..I was a student of Lorenzo batch ’67-’68 and yes Rhoda Recto’s comment of Mr Lorenzo giving us grade was indeed stingy. I recalled his favorite color as more on the purple side .
    But must say, I really learned oil painting a lot from him. I was under the tutelage of “Master” Lorenzo great artist! One professor I’ll never forget. For some people he may act weird, but being an artist myself, I consider him as just being “Different” Aren’t good artist suppose to be?


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