“You are worried and troubled over so many things. There is need of only one thing.” —Luke 10:41-42

I HAVE the habit of anticipating possible consequences and outcomes of things I will do. This habit has been very beneficial in coming out with desirable results. But most of the time, thinking things over leads to worrying about them, because there isn’t much time for me to do them.

I never liked worrying. In fact, I don’t like it when other people worry, either. I often tell my friends not to let their worries get them down. But there are times when the demands of everyday life get too overwhelming for me not to bother. I have been too busy lately, and as I realized, too busy to even pray.

Once, I came face to face with a weeklong predicament. Paperwork and quizzes kept on piling each day. Articles for our college publication where I write neared the ‘deadliest’ deadline. To top it all off, my family were going through rough times. I was devastated in all aspects. I hardly got enough sleep. My morale was so low. And while everything slows down, my mind works overtime. That moment, I felt that I had nothing else to do but think.

During my troubled state, on my way towards España, it seemed that the world had turned its back at me. Tired, I sat on one of the benches at the covered walk. Every second inched. Again, I was pondering on so many things. As I was thinking how powerless I am of the circumstances, God was on the process of showing me that He is in control.

The final apparition

Then my friend Dondon came over and spoke to me. He had no idea of what I was going through, but he supplied me with encouraging and inspiring words. I realized I had stopped bothering myself of all the troubles of the world. I realized that because of all the time I spend worrying to much, I had neglected to spend time with God. The best thing happened after that ‘divine’ conversation—I started praying.

True enough, God sends persons to deliver His good message to each one. And the message is very clear. With intimate relationship with God, the sublime master of all, the world need not worry.

Today, my family had just gone through the road of recovery. I still have tons of school work and articles to accomplish, but I don’t mind.

Prayer: Almighty Father, thank You for providing me rays of Your light during my dark days. Thank You for taking away all the uncertainties and worries that cross my life. May You always assist me in appreciating the good things You have blessed me with. Keep me in Your loving presence. Amen.

Editorial Assistant for the Commerce Journal, Kim Louie M. Favis is a Business Administration junior from the College of Commerce.


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