WITH the plan to relocate UST High School (USTHS) now out of the picture, USTHS is now looking at means to draw more applicants to the school.

USTHS principal Eden Tolentino said that the school’s administrators have taken steps to heighten public interest toward the school.

“We advertised USTHS,” she said. “We sent personnel to different schools to promote USTHS. We had a text brigade. We also put up banners outside UST.”

Tolentino said the information campaign has reaped benefits as a 25 per cent-increase in enrollees was attained this year.

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Dr. Armando de Jesus said that the relocation plan was considered because of campus space problems.

Tolentino added that there would be no phase-out.

“We did not receive a memorandum from the Rector that the USTHS will be phased-out or relocated,” she said.

She also disclosed USTHS’s plan to apply for accreditation from the Philippine Accrediting Association for Schools, Colleges and Universities during school year 2007-08.

For this school year, 40 multi-media rooms with built-in podia and sound systems will be constructed.

There are also plans to renovate the Benavides Auditorium, she added. Ivan Angelo L. de Lara

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