ROCK stars are often stereotyped as drugged and suicidal, who are fond of playing songs that serenade death. But pro-lifers are changing that beat, claiming the rock stage to celebrate life.

In its fight against abortion, infanticide, contraception, euthanasia, and other anti-life advocacies, the American Life League (ALL) has formed an organization of different Christian rock artists to integrate pro-life messages in their music.

Named “Rock for Life,” the organization stages concerts each year of different pro-life bands such as P.O.D., Relient K, Mercury Radio Theater, Redemption Song, and Falling into Place. Rock for Life takes part in Christian rock fests like the LifeLight Music Festival in South Dakota and the Cornerstone Music Festival in Illinois.

Apart from spreading pro-life advocacies through music, Rock for Life also forms pro-life activities for the youth like school fairs, seminars, and rock fests, to promote activism for pro-life causes.

It also identifies pro-abortion bands with its updated online list at According to ALL, pro-abortion bands include Audioslave, Blink 182, Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters, Good Charlotte, and Green Day, which support political campaigns for access to abortion, contraceptives and other pro-choice options.

The organization posted the list to encourage the youth to shun the bands’ cause and music. They initiated a “CD Send Back” program, where fans are encouraged to send CDs of pro-abortion bands back to the artists along with a personal pro-life message.

If rock music has already been used as a tool for pro-life advocacy in America, it is yet to be adapted here in the Philippines.

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Pro-Life Philippines executive director Jaime Leornas told the Varsitarian that rock stars have not yet been tapped to promote pro-life values.

“Pro-Life Philippines initiated a song writing contest in 2001, but as of now, we don’t have yet any entries for rock music that promotes pro-life awareness,” Leornas said. The song entries include 14 original Filipino pro-life tracks that speak of life and love compiled in an album titled, “Himig Buhay at Pag-Ibig.” It was not released commercially.

“Go rock the boat” is the pro-lifers’ answer to the prevailing conformist culture, taking rock to symbolize the radical message of promoting love, life and family. With reports from


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