WHEN disaster strikes, who you gonna call?

The University’s security personnel may just be the answer—especially now that they have undergone disaster-preparedness training.

Dr. Lito Maranan, UST Red Cross Youth Chapter adviser, discussed basic but crucial reactions when disaster strikes, as well as the general aspects of a disaster, general procedures in any emergency, proper first-aid administration, building evacuation, and use and handling of firefighting equipment to the security personnel last May 12 and 13 at the Beato Angelico Bldg.

Most of the security personnel who attended the two-day training did not have prior knowledge on disaster preparedness, Maranan said.

Main building security guard Ronnie Fideles said the training will enable them to assist the students properly during emergencies.

“Whenever a student is injured, we can properly administer first aid,” he said. “For example, when we (security guards) have to transport the student to the clinic using the motorcycle, we know how to properly carry the student to the motorcycle.” Miko L. Morelos

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