THE BUREAU of Fire Protection (BFP) placed the property damage in a fire in UST last month at P200, 000.

According to the BFP report, the fire at the driver’s quarters in front of the renovated Faculty of Pharmacy (Pharmacy), started from one of the 11 rooms in the second floor. The fire spread quickly since the quarters is mainly made of wood.

UST Vice-Rector Fr. Juan Ponce, O.P., said the quarters will be demolished. He however, did not elaborate further.

Rogelio Floresca, the guard on duty when the incident occurred, said the fire may have started from an overheated electric fan in one of the rooms.

SFO2 Wilson Tana, arson investigator of the Fire Bureau said the result of the final investigation is still unavailable.

During the 30-minute fire which reached fourth danger alarm, Earl Espinosa, a student fire volunteer, suffered from a cut on his left foot while helping to put off the fire. A report from the UST Security Service indicated the fire off at around 6:30 that night.

Last year, the Pharmacy Laboratory caught fire reaching the third danger alarm and destroying properties worth P70,000. A. D. J. C. Adriatico

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