A THOMASIAN doctor was elected president of a regional medical association last month.

Dr. Jose Sollano Jr. now heads the Asia Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL), a regional organization composed of medical practitioners specializing on the liver and its diseases.

“It is an honor (to be elected as president),” Sollano said. “It is an honor for the country as well.”

To be elected president of APASL, a member should be part of the association’s executive council.

APASL was formed in August 1978 in Singapore. The organization coordinates scientific studies between scientists and clinicians in the region and encourages medical specialization on liver diseases.

A practicing gastroenterologist since 1980, Sollano is one of a handful of doctors who introduced therapeutic endoscopy (examining an internal organ using an endoscope) in the Philippines.

“The main objective of the association is to promote the scientific advancement and education of hepatology in the Asia Pacific region, including the exchange of information and the development of consensus in the field of hepatology,” Sollano said.

Sollano graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in 1977, after which he went to different countries such as Japan, Germany, and the United States to specialize in liver diseases. E. V. d.T. Dura and M. L. Morelos

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